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Delta Airlines Flights

Delta Airlines is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia; Delta Airlines is a legacy carrier in the United States and operates across 325 destinations over six continents. Delta Airlines is ranked 2nd as the largest airlines and currently has 9 hubs. Delta Airlines continues to live up to the hype of passengers and has a global presence in the aviation industry. Find here complete guide about Delta Airlines and other information before making your flight bookings.

A complete guide to book a flight on Delta Airlines

  1. Log in to your Sky Miles account or visit
  2. Find your trip and go to “Delta Flight Booking” option
  3. Enter your name, arrival and departure city, number of passengers
  4. Choose whether you are making a single trip or round trip
  5. Click on “Search Flight” and on the next page you will see a list of available flights with the price range
  6. You can compare your prices and choose the lowest fare possible
  7. Click on “Continue” and proceed with the payment option
  8. Apply for a prom code or discount if applicable
  9. Complete the payment and wait for the confirmation message on your phone

Book Delta Flight

Visit Delta Airlines official site to book cheap flight fares for your upcoming trips. You can contact Delta Airlines customer care if you wish to learn more about Delta Airlines flight booking policy. Delta customer support are available 24/7 with a dedicated staff to assist you before and after your journey.

Delta Airlines Tickets

Delta Airlines offers a variety of fare classes-Delta One, Delta First class, Delta premium select,  Delta comfort plus and Delta main cabin.  All the fare class offers passengers comfortable seats and the best flight services throughout your journey.

Basic Economy

Delta’s Basic economy fares are the cheapest and they are non refundable and are not available for upgrades. Basic economy are the best option for solo travellers  and light packers who have flexible travel plans.  Amenities include:

  1. A main cabin seat
  2. Delta signature service
  3. Complimentary snacks and drinks
  4. Delta Wi Fi
  5. Inflight messaging option
  6. Movies, Delta Studio

Comfort Plus

Delta Comfort+ gives you the upgraded experience on board from extra legroom, priority boarding , dedicated overhead bin space to no change fees you can get the best value for your dollars. Amenities include:

  1. All the benefits of main cabin
  2. Flexibility of no change fees
  3. Receive an eCredit upon cancellation for flights originating in the United States, Canada, Europe
  4. Entertainment within reach-Delta Studio,
  5. 1000+ hours of free entertainment
  6. More legroom
  7. Complimentary ear buds
  8. Blankets and pillows
  9. Spotify curated lists
  10. Play a variety of games

Main Cabin – Amenities Include:

  1. Seat availability in advance
  2. Manage your trip easily without flight change fees
  3. Purchase an upgrade for one or more premium cabin experiences
  4. No change fees for tickets originating in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean
  5. Receive an eCredit upon flight cancellation
  6. Delta Studio-1000+ hours of free entertainment, movies, podcasts and spotify playlist
  7. Complimentary snacks and drinks
  8. Chef curated meals

Companion Ticket

 Passengers will be issues a companion certificate to their Sky Miles account every year after their card renewal. Passengers can redeem and find their companion certificate by any of the following ways:

  1. View in your profile
  2. Look up by your Sky miles number
  3. Look up by Certificate code

Bereavement Ticket

Bereavement Fares are issued by Delta Airlines on the event of death/ imminent death in your immediate family. Delta Airlines Bereavement fare policy offers more flexibility for international travel. To request for a Bereavement policy you can call Delta Airlines representative or click on the “Message Us” button from the help centre page.

Domestic Flights

Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States and covers as much as 200 cities in the US alone. Some of the popular domestic destinations are:

  1. Delta Flights to Hawaii

  2. Delta Flights to Vegas

  3. Delta Flights to Florida

  4. Delta Flights to Atlanta

  5. Delta Flights to New York

  6. Delta Flights to Miami

  7. Delta Flights to Orlando

  8. Delta Flights to Las Vegas

  9. Delta Flights to Cuba

  10. Delta Flights to Seattle

  11. Delta Flights to New Orleans

  12. Delta Flights to Costa Rica

  13. Delta Flights to Houston

  14. Delta Flights to Cancun

  15. Delta Flights to Nashville

International Flights

Delta Airlines flies to more than 1000 destinations across 60 countries in six continents. Some of the most popular routes include:

  1. Delta Flights to Paris
  2. Delta Flights to Iceland
  3. Delta Flights to Bonaire
  4. Delta Flights to Europe
  5. Delta Flights to Israel
  6. Delta Flights to Rome
  7. Delta Flights to Australia
  8. Delta Flights to Aruba
  9. Delta Flights to Caribbean

If you are looking for new travel destinations/ assistance with cancelling and refund/ other travel policies you can call Delta Airlines Reservation number-800-221-1212 and speak with an expert for some of the best travel solutions online.

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Delta Airlines has taken utmost precautions to ensure that the passengers are safe and reach their destination on time. All passengers travelling with Delta must provide with a contact tracing information when they are entering through US. Delta Airlines no longer makes it mandatory for covid-19 testing and vaccination if they are travelling domestically. Delta Airlines staff regularly conducts end to end disinfection procedures and wipe down of surfaces.

You can book your flight with delta by visiting or by downloading the Delta Fly app. You can log in to your travel account and browse the lowest airfare possible. You can book your flights and complete the booking process.

To add a pet to your Delta reservations you need to:

  1. Contact  Delta Airlines reservations at least 48 hours before flight departure.
  2. Check in with Delta ticket counter for your official orders.
  3. You will be allowed extra check in at least two hours and not more than 4 hours prior to your flight departure.
  4. Get a complete check list with your travel agent.
  5. Provide with a valid health certificate.

You can make Delta Flight reservation at least 331 days/ 44 weeks in advance before your flight departure.

You can change or select your seat while booking your flight tickets or at the time of check in at the airport you will be assigned a seat automatically. You can select a seat in advance for a fee at the time of booking from the Seat Map from My trips. If the preferred seat is labelled as “OCCUPIED” that means that seat is taken by another passenger.

Delta Airlines operates about 4000 flights daily from 275 destinations across 6 continents. Some of the major airports from where Delta operates are Atlanta, Georgia, Salt Lake City, Seoul-Incheon, New York –JFK and La Guardia, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Los Angeles, London –Heathrow, Boston, Amsterdam, Detroit.

To use your Sky miles while booking your flight ticket you can:

  1. You can log in to your Delta travel account/ Sky miles account or sign in for a Sky mile account using your travel details.
  2. Once you have logged in you can book a trip to use your miles.
  3. You can search for flights  that has been labelled “Pay with Sky miles”
  4. Once you select the flight you can pay using your miles.
  5. Click on continue and wait for the confirmation message.

You can call Delta Airlines customer care at the given number 800-221-1212 to connect with a travel expert and find out which is the best day to travel with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines helpdesk is available 24/7 to assist you with the lowest fare possible and other important travel details.

The unaccompanied minor policy of Delta ensures that the child is safe and has nice experience when flying by themselves. For domestic flights within the US unaccompanied minors must be issued as an adult fare. Unaccompanied minors will be charged an airfare equal to 75% of the adult’s price while traveling internationally. Delta minor program is open to minor between the ages of 15 and 17. Parents or guardians may accompany unaccompanied minors upto the perimeters of the security zone.

You can make your reservations with Delta airlines so that you won’t miss any deal when there are fare drops and monthly offers. Call Delta Airlines customer support centre to get notified about regular airfares, special travel deals and other alerts delivered straight to your inbox.

No, Delta Airlines miles do not expire; they remain active as long as the user remains active.  Delta miles expire only on the event of closing your Sky miles account or deleting your account or on death of the user. 

To make changes to your name online on your Delta Flight ticket:

  1. You can visit Delta Airlines Official site.
  2. Navigate “Manage my booking “page.
  3. Enter your confirmation number.
  4. Enter your first and last name and make the necessary changes.
  5. Note that you can make changes for 3 letters or for lesser words.

You can make risk free cancellations and flight changes of most of the main cabin fares which is not available of Delta Basic economy fares. Delta Airlines baggage policy are pretty much the same for delta basic economy and main cabin except that free carry on are allowed on Delta basic economy. Delta Airlines basic economy fares do not include seat assignment while Delta main cabin fares allow passengers to select their desired seat without any extra charges.

According to Delta Airlines Reservation Hold policy to hold your reservation you need:

  1. To have a Sky mile account.
  2. You can hold your reservation up to 24 hours and pay later. Your reservations will be cancelled immediately after 24 hours if you don’t make the payment within the specified time period.
  3. You can call Delta Airlines Reservation number-800-221-1212 and speak with an expert for Delta Airlines Reservation Hold policy.
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