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Lufthansa Flight Booking

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the European giants headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Lufthansa Airlines is the largest airline in all of Europe and operates flights for 246 different locations spread across Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Lufthansa allows you to modify your trips with the “Manage my booking” tool to cancel or change your flights whenever the need arises.

Whether you barely ever book Lufthansa flights or you travel often, Lufthansa Airlines guarantee you will learn a strategy of one or two to enjoy the perfect vacation. Take advantage of Lufthansa flexible travel rules and flight offers for some of the hottest holiday spots around the globe.

How to Book a Lufthansa Flight?

There are multiple ways to complete Lufthansa Flight Booking easily online. Here is a step by step guide to Lufthansa Online booking:


  1. Open the official website of Lufthansa  airline
  2. Log in to your travel account and click on the flight option
  3. Fill in your details and choose the type of trip you want to complete
  4. Fill in your travel dates and the number of passengers travelling. Remember to add your travelling class here
  5. Click on the “Advance search option”
  6. You will see a list of all the available flights along with the timings and fare prices
  7. You can compare the prices and select the flights that suits your preferences
  8. Make the payment, you can apply for discount or promo code if applicable
  9. Click “Confirm” and finish the flight booking process
  10. Check your email and phone inbox for the confirmation code

Via Phone 

You can either dial Lufthansa Airlines phone number-+1-888-318-3611  and connect with a customer representative and complete your bookings or you can download Lufthansa mobile app. You can download the Lufthansa app from playstore and enjoy special offers before and after your flight.

Booking Lufthansa with Miles and Rewards-

  1. First navigate the Lufthansa Official site or you can log in through the Lufthansa App on your phone
  2. Log in to your travel account using your email ID or Miles number
  3. Visit the Lufthansa homepage and locate the “Book” option and you can fill in all the details of your ticket
  4. Next you can proceed with the booking process
  5. You can select the travel class, ie First class
  6. Go to the payment page where you can select the “Use United Miles” option for your payment
  7. Click “confirm” for your flight booking and you are done with the process

To know more about Lufthansa Airlines booking policy you can contact Lufthansa customer service and get the answer to your travel queries you are looking for. They can share with some extra out of the box travel tips that you can use to book cheap flight tickets on your next trip.

At the Airport

If none of the online methods work you can opt for the airport kiosk. You can approach Lufthansa helpdesk and ask the staff to assist you with your flight bookings. Do share your correct travel details and documents to complete the flight booking.

Documents Required to Book a Lufthansa Flight

Be well prepared for your upcoming journey, we have compiled a list of documents that you may require for booking Lufthansa flight tickets:

  1. Entry requirement documents- Passport, visa
  2. Vaccination documents –Covid 19 vaccination certificates
  3. Digital vaccination certificate- corona related documents –negative test result
  4. Travel insurance documents
  5. Valid driving license
  6. Photo copy of credit card
  7. Government issued ID
  8. Military ID (if serving currently)
  9. Valid birth certificates if travelling with an infant

Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Price

Lufthansa Airlines allows its passengers to get guaranteed flight fares for more than 50 countries worldwide. You can hold your reservations for 48 hours and make the payment anytime within the 48 hours. Lufthansa will charge you a service fee of 30 euros after the 48 hours window. Lufthansa charges zero fees for booking your flight ticket from its official site, 15EUR as service fee for flights origination outside the US, $20 as ticket service fee for booking through Lufthansa call centre and $20 for booking at the airport. You can check the chart below to calculate your reservation fee for different fare class.


Economy Basic

Economy Saver

Economy Basic Plus

Economy Flex

Rebooking flight ticket

USD 300

Not allowed

USD 300



Not allowed

Not allowed

USD 300


Mileage Credit





Mileage Upgrade

Not allowed

Not allowed



For making seat reservations

Advances seat reservation

Advances seat reservation

Advances seat reservation

Advances seat reservation

Lounge access at the airport





Check in options

Economy class check in

Economy class check in

Economy class check in

Economy class check in

Lufthansa Airlines Group Booking

You can make a group booking with Lufthansa Airlines from its official site if you are travelling in a group of ten or more people. If you have a group flight request you can keep note of the points below:

  1. You need to make your payment within 7 days
  2. You can make payment with credit card or bank transfer
  3. You should provide the name of your group 14 days prior to flight departure. The group will be automatically terminated if names of the passengers are given within the specified time.
  4. You need to issue your travel documents 14 days before flight departure
  5. Lufthansa flight departures will be available only from Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  6. Lufthansa Flight connected can be connected with its partnered airlines like Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Booking For Pets

Lufthansa Airlines allow pets-small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin as checked baggage depending on their size and weight. The fees for pet travel depend on the destination and the pets weight. Restrictions may be applicable for certain breeds and select routes, and you need to have a proper document for pet travel. The airlines accept cats and dogs as pets while other type of animals may be accepted on a case by case basis. On most flights within Europe, cats and small dogs weighing up to 8kgs can travel in the cabin. Larger dogs and pets are required to travel in the cargo hold, which is temperature controlled and pressurized. Lufthansa Airlines may refuse to transport a pet if it is aggressive, sick or does not adhere to the airlines safety and health requirements.

Lufthansa recommends that passengers book their pet travel in advance as there is a limited number of pets that can be transported on each flight and the airline may require additional time to prepare for the pets.

Lufthansa Airlines Tickets

To save some money there are several different ways to choose from with Lufthansa Airlines.  If flights are too expensive to your target destination you can search for cheaper flights by selecting different fare class that will get you as close as possible.

Economy Class

Flying with economy passengers can have the benefit of comfortable seating area, internet access, food & beverages, movie snack and inflight entertainment options.

Economy Light

 Economy Light is Lufthansa basic fare available on long haul flights. Passengers are allowed to carry one carry-on baggage and one checked baggage for a fee. Passengers can also enjoy free meals and beverages and great value for their trips.

Economy Basic Plus

Advantage include one carry on, one personal item, tickets can be rebooked and refunded for a nominal fee.

Economy Flex

Economy Flex fare is a great option for passengers who are more flexible with their flight options. Under this fare class passengers can take advantage of 7kgs of cabin baggage, 35 kgs of checked baggage, meals, Standard seat selection, 25% discounted airfare for infant travel and Enrich miles upgrade.

Premium Economy Class 

Elevated dining experience, up to 50% more extra space, welcome drink, 2 items of free baggage (23 kgs each), practical travel kit, 11-12 inch monitor screen, comprehensive in-flight entertainment and more.

Business Class 

Lufthansa Business class promises you a first class comfort and more relaxed trip. Before departure relaxed at Lufthansa lounges, enjoy priority boarding, free baggage, exclusive in-flight meals, and optimised night service on short and medium haul flights.

First Class-Lufthansa

first class is a fun but a little more pricey than standard fare to fly to Europe but with credit card points it’s actually not that hard to book first class tickets with miles. You can transfer your amex capital one and city points to life miles and book for 87000 miles plus taxes and fees.

If you have any questions about using credit card points for Lufthansa Flights feel free to call Lufthansa Customer service at +1-888-318-3611.


You can visit Lufthansa official site to get a complete information about the necessary requirements for international travel. Generally on most flights you are expected to provide with your passport number, country of issue, full name, expiration date of passport, etc.

Check in easily, conveniently and above all without stress from home or on the go at Lufthansa official site or using the Lufthansa app from 23 hours prior to your flight departure. Click on “CHECK IN” and access your boarding pass in just three steps. Make sure to have your booking code or ticket number on hand. You can identify yourself either with your booking code and your first and last name or with your ticket number. Then select the preferred seats on the seat map. You have two options of receiving your boarding pass the easiest way is to download it in the Lufthansa app on your phone  or alternatively you can print it directly.

If you wish to connect with Lufthansa customer service about your flight reservation you can dial the given number-1-888-772-1600.

No, Lufthansa Airlines does not offer student flight booking.

Lufthansa Airlines charges a change fee of $200 for domestic flights and a change fee of $750 for international flights.

You can make a group booking with Lufthansa Airlines from its official site if you are travelling in a group of ten or more people.

After reserving your flight tickets you can easily modify them according to your needs with Lufthansa. All you have to do is using Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking to add or remove more services, change date, add more luggage or add a pet travel from your flight reservations. Passengers can follow these simple steps to change their flight date with Lufthansa Airlines:

  1. Visit the Official site of Lufthansa
  2. Then click on the view and amend flight option from your screen
  3. Enter your last name with the booking code
  4. Click on the submit button and it will retrieve your itinerary
  5. Then you can make changes on your itinerary according to your requirement
  6. After paying the fare difference you will receive a confirmation message with an updated e-ticket on your phone number and email.

For making same day flight change Lufthansa charges a change fee of $75 to $150. If you want to rebook your flights with Lufthansa or looking for more travel assistance you can call Lufthansa Customer service at +1-888-772-1600.

According to Lufthansa 48 hour rule, passengers can either freeze their flight fares for 48 hours or they can cancel within 48 hours for free and get a complete refund. The requirement for this rule is that the flight needs to be booked directly with the airline website and booked more than 7 days before the flight. So if you meet these requirements and see a killer deal or see a mistake fare book it right away.

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