Southwest Airlines Reservations

Southwest Airlines Flight Reservations

Southwest Airlines is undoubtedly one of the best airlines in North America, with an expansive route network and friendly customer service Southwest Airlines is dedicated to make your holidays even better and cheaper. Southwest Airlines offers travellers a generous opportunity to book, cancel and take advantages of its cheap air fares. Passengers planning for a trip with Southwest Airlines online for the first time can get a complete guide here. Whether you are new to flying or may be you have had other people buy your flight tickets for you in either case we can help you get a complete guide on how to search and book your airline tickets on Southwest Airlines website. Besides booking flight ticket you can also book a hotel, vacation packages and rent a car through Southwest flight booking site. Southwest Airlines Flight Reservations allows you to sort your booking prices from the earliest flights all the way up to the latest flights for your preferred destination. You can browse the cheapest day price by price, stop by stop from one destination to another under a single roof.

Southwest Flights

Southwest Airlines is a major American Airlines headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it is the world’s largest low cost carrier. Southwest Airlines offers the lowest price possible for flights in the United States. You can plan a budgeted travel with Southwest Airlines and enjoy all the amenities which other passengers are enjoying for other fares. Southwest Airlines promises you free entertainment for all your favourite movies, free texting with iMessage  and Whatsapp on every personal device, on board beverages, refreshments, excellent and attentive staff services on board. Southwest  Airlines issues four basic ticketing options that include:

  1. Wanna Get Away- Southwest Basic airfare, 2 free checked baggage, complimentary drinks and snacks
  2. Wanna Get Away Plus- 2 free checked baggage, complimentary drinks and snacks, you earn 8 x points per $1
  3. Anytime – Refundable fare, rapid rewards earning up to 10x
  4. Business Select – Includes all the perks of Wanna get away fares,  priority boarding, priority security, premium drinks and beverages and rapid rewards earning up to 12x

Whether it’s changing/ cancelling or booking your flight tickets Southwest Airlines has laid down customer friendly policies. If you have booked your flight tickets from Southwest official site you can enjoy the ease of changing or cancelling flights risk free without any extra charges. Southwest Flight reservation can be made online from its official site, by making a phone call or by visiting the airport directly.

How to Book a Southwest Flight

There are multiple ways to complete your flight bookings with Southwest Airlines, you can select any of the methods mentioned below.

To book a Southwest Flight ticket online:

  1. You can open your internet browser
  2. You can locate the login option and you will be directed to your travel profile directly
  3. After logging in you can click on “Book my trip” button
  4. Once you have selected your flight you have the option to choose a round trip or one way trip
  5. Next you can enter your arrival and departure destination
  6. You can select the date whether specific dates or you are flexible with your travel dates
  7. You can choose the low fare calculator and it will show you the lowest airfares for an entire month, this is really good if you have flexible travel dates
  8. Enter the number of passengers travelling  and hit the search button
  9. You will see a list of flight fares by day for the entire month
  10. See what he cheapest rates are for your flight month
  11. Compare your flight prices and select your flight
  12. Click on “Continue” and go to the payment option
  13. You will have multiple payment option, select one
  14. At the time of payment you can redeem your points or miles
  15. Complete the payment and check your email for the confirmation details.

Southwest Airlines Reservations Through Phone Call

If you are having issues online then you can make a direct phone call to Southwest Airlines Customer care at 800-432-9792. Southwest Airlines has employed a dedicated staff who are available 24/7 to attend your calls and provide you with helpful information.

By Visiting the Airport

Another great option is to visit the nearest airport and approach the Southwest helpdesk. You can ask the helpdesk to help you complete your flight bookings. Once you complete your booking you can check your inbox for the confirmation code.

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Southwest Airlines offers scheduled flight services for more than 100 destinations across the 42 states of United States, and international destinations across the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. Southwest Airlines has 15 main focus cities that include Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Washington, San Francisco, Miami and New York City.

Southwest Airlines has amazing prices, you can find early bird specials or great prices on Wanna get away. You can get some of the cheapest flight fare but besides that they do not charge passengers for checking baggage, Southwest does not charge for carry on baggage, you get two checked baggage for free. Southwest Airlines is one of the major Airlines in the US headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it is also the largest low cost carrier in the world. Southwest Airlines offers the lowest price possible for some of the most popular destinations in the United States.

You can dial Southwest Customer care phone number today -800-432-9792 to book the cheapest flight ticket. Southwest Customer care can assist  and share you with some helpful tips, weekly travel deals and other important information to make your dream vacation come true.

To link two different reservations with Southwest Airlines you can visit “My trips” from your travel account and click on the “upcoming section”. Next you can add on “Companion Link” and follow the steps accordingly. For more assistance you can call Southwest Airlines Customer care at 800-432-9792 and enquire if you are eligible for making changes.

Southwest Airlines provides its passengers with the opportunity to upgrade re-print boarding passes, various check in option, same day flight change and manage their trips by visiting their official site. To access Southwest Airlines Manage booking you can:

  1. Visit Southwest .com
  2. Click on Flight and then select “Manage Reservations”
  3. After that fill in your reservation details and click on “Search” button from the screen

Once the page retrieves your reservations, you can click on the request/ change button.

  1. Modifying your itinerary
  2. Change flight date
  3. Check in through your phone
  4. Advance seat selection-Travel on any seat in your cabin
  5. Inflight entertainment option-high speed internet
  6. On board menu-chef curated flight meals
  7. Risk free Southwest Airlines flight cancellations and refund
  8. Get access to additional services on board

You can check in with Southwest airlines either by visiting its official site or through the mobile app. To check in from your mobile app:

  1. You can log in to your travel account or sign in for one and become part of the rapid reward program (not necessary but it helps you qualify for frequent flyer program)
  2. Press the confirmation number on the screen
  3. After this you will be given four options-booked a flight/ flight time/check in /booked a car
  4. You can select Check in
  5. Put your confirmation number and enter your first and last name
  6. You can click on the retrieve reservation check in
  7. You can view your boarding pass 24 hours before your flight departure

You can follow the same procedure if you are checking in online from

Once you choose your flight and type in the departing and returning date, it should bring you to a page with a list of available flights with departing and returning flights. At the top of the screen you will see a dollar sign mode which you can change it to the points mode and see the point conversions for the flights. You can see how many Southwest points it will cost you to fly. If you want to fly anytime or for Business select you can see how many seats are left. There are many ways to earn Southwest points through promotions, through purchases, through spending, referrals. These rapid reward points are so valuable and rapid reward programs are the best. So once you choose the flight you want you can log in to your rapid reward account and explore your options. You can also seek assistance by dialling Southwest Airlines customer support at the given number- +1-888-318-3611.

Southwest Airlines companion pass allows you to choose one companion who will travel for free with you when you book your flight ticket on Southwest Airlines. You just have to pay the taxes which are 5.60 per flight so it’s like buy one get one free. You can get a Southwest Airlines companion pass by collecting 135000 Southwest Airlines qualifying points in one calendar year. You will get a companion pass for the rest of the calendar year and the whole of the next year. There is another way of scoring a companion pass with every little effort. Southwest is doing a promotion where if you do either a round trip or two one way flights you can get a companion pass that is valid for a month and a half. If you are planning to take a trip in the time frame that it covers then it’s really a no brainer.

To get a companion pass make sure:

  1. You are purchasing with a Southwest Rapid Rewards  Plus/ Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card
  2. Shopping with Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal
  3. Use Southwest Dining rewards
  4. Take part in Southwest Home and lifestyle partners

To book a Southwest flight ticket for an unaccompanied minor your child must be at least five or up to eleven years of age. You can make your booking online, by making a phone call or you can visit the airport directly. You need to provide with the following details if your child is travelling as an unaccompanied minor: Name, Address, your relationship with the child, address and Phone number. To complete your booking online you need to:

  1. Go online and visit
  2. Enter your child’s name and other information-name, relationship, telephone number, date of birth, guardian’s detail, contact details, etc.
  3. Proceed to the check out
  4. You will be asked if the child is accompanied by someone
  5. If you select no then the child will be listed as unaccompanied minor

Southwest Airlines will charge you a service fee for the unaccompanied minor -$50 USD each way plus the standard fare.

If you are travelling with a small vaccinated dog or cat that is at least eight weeks old you can fly with them on domestic Southwest Airlines flight.  You can travel with them in the cabin and keep the pet carrier under your seat. However there are some kennel requirements and pet policy that you must follow. While most Southwest carriers allow to travel with six pet carriers in the cabin the number may vary from destination to destination. You can bring one pet carrier per passenger and Southwest Airlines accept pet reservations on a first come first serve basis. Make sure you go through Southwest Airlines pet policy or you can call the customer care to get more information about Southwest pet travel.

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