How To Change The Name On The Flight Ticket To Delta?

How To Change The Name On The Flight Ticket To Delta?

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Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Does Delta Allow You To Change Your Name On a Ticket?

Yes, Delta allows you to make changes to your name on your flight ticket. Delta lays down flexible name change policies which you can complete online or by consulting the travel agents directly. Have you ever imagined that even a small error in your name can cause you immense pain?

What happens if you have entered your name incorrectly while filling in your details for Delta Airlines? You may be facing some extra challenges if you do not make corrections, but you will no longer face any situations while traveling on one of the competent airlines in the US. Delta covers an easy-to-follow policy for visitors that allow them to make corrections on your behalf in the reservation.

Steps To Change Your Name On Your Flight Ticket From Delta Airlines' Official Site:

Steps to change your name on your flight ticket by calling Delta Airlines customer service:

  1. Open your internet browser to visit the official website of the airline.
  2. On the home page you will press the option “Manage my trip”
  3. A new window will open, asking for your reservation details or the reservation number and the last name that appears in your passport.
  4. Press the “Next” button after.
  5. Once you have done this, the reservation details will be on the screen. You must select the corresponding reservation that requires you to make modifications.
  6. After selecting the required reservation click on the “Edit” option to continue.
  7. After this a new window will ask if you want to “Change your itinerary” details, flight, and personal details.
  8. Since you want to change your name you can directly opt for the third option.
  9. Once you have made changes to the name press the “Confirm button”.
  10. After confirmation you can print the new ticket with the correct name details.

How To Change Your Name By Calling or Visiting The Airport Kiosk

It is another reliable means when it comes to making corrections to your name on your flight ticket. You can do this by visiting the nearest airport customer service counter or kiosk to make necessary modifications. They can help you with the entire procedure on-site, just make sure to dial the correct fight details to avoid any errors on the revised ticket.

Steps To Change Your Name By Calling or Visiting The Airport Kiosk 

In case you do not find any of the name change methods convenient, you can continue with the third option which is to call the customer service executive. You can dial Delta Airlines Phone Number to make name corrections from the comfort of your home. The customer service executives on the other side will ask you for your details as shown in your passport and documents.

Does Delta Allow You To Change Your Name On a Ticket?

Delta Airlines offers a peaceful policy for passengers to correct their names at any time after booking their flight tickets.

How Much Does Delta Charge To Change The Name on a Flight Ticket?

Although a name error may be small it can cost you a lot. When you deal with Delta Airlines and misspell your name on the booking form you have to incur a certain penalty to correct them. Passengers will be required to pay a name change fee between US $25 to US $500. However, it largely depends on the type of tickets you have booked with the airlines.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

It is recommended that you follow Delta’s name change policy before making any changes.

The highlight of Delta Airlines' name change policy:

  1. Passengers can change their last name on the ticket in case of marriage or divorce, to do this you must also provide the relevant documents.
  2. Additionally passengers can correct any misspelling on the ticket at any time, free of cost.
  3. In case you have entered in the form by mistake you can change it and get along with the photo ID at the airport check-in time.
  4. Visitors cannot change their last name from Sr to Jr or vice versa.
  5. Most importantly you cannot transfer your flight ticket to another passenger.

How To Change The Flight Date on Delta?

All Delta Flights that were booked directly from the official site can be quickly changed or canceled online.

Just head to Delta Airlines' official site and follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Delta Airlines Account
  2. Click on manage my trips and select the trip you would like to change
  3. Click the Modify trip button at the centre of the screen
  4. Choose the change button from your trip
  5. Enter the screen and select the dates as per your requirement
  6. Click continue and confirm

If you do cancel a paid ticket, Delta will email you an eCredit within 24 hours.

Does Delta Charge Fees For Changing The Dates?

Delta airlines charges depending upon the nature of the ticket purchased. You are depending on your travel route Delta can amount you between a fee of $0 to $400 along with the fare difference. Delta charges $75 for domestic and $400 for international flights.

Does Delta Allow Rescheduling Your Flight?

Yes, Delta allows rescheduling your flight tickets hassle-free along with some terms and conditions. Delta allows you to enjoy risk-free flight changes 24 hours before your flight departure.  You can reschedule your flights with these simple steps:

  1. Open the browser and go to the official page of Allegiant Airlines
  2. Passengers can now quickly navigate to the “manage my booking” section.
  3. From the homepage, click on the “My trips” option
  4. Enter your confirmation code and your last name
  5. Select the flight you wish to change from
  6. Passengers can follow the on-screen instructions and make all the necessary changes.
  7. Passengers can finally click on the “confirm button” to get the task executed.

Delta Date Change Policy

It's easy to cancel and make changes or rebook your flight online before your flight departure. You can easily visit Delta Airlines' official site and visit my trips to make changes to your flight dates. Delta airfares that have not been changed or cancelled 24 hours before departure will have no remaining value. Sometimes booking a new flight can add up more costly and you need to pay for the fare difference. 

Does Delta Charge For Flight Changes?

The flight change fee starts from $75 to $500 which mostly depends on the type of flight ticket you have purchased from the airline. Before making your flight changes it is important that you understand the flight change policy. For making same-day flight changes you will be charged a fee of $75.

Can You Change The Delta Flight For Free?

You have the flexibility to change the time, date, and location for free and request a refund if they cancel their flight tickets 24 hours before their flight departure. Making changes after 24 hours window will be available for a fee depending upon the nature of the ticket purchased.

How To Avoid The Delta Flight Change Fees?

To avoid change fees you can always read the Delta Airlines flight change policy before booking your flight tickets. You can avoid change fees by making your flight changes within 24 hours of booking and request for a full refund in the original currency without any extra charges.

How Long Before a Delta Flight Can You Change It?

You can make changes 24 hours before your flight departure or within 72 hours of making your original purchase with the airline. To learn more about Delta Flight change policy you can visit the Delta Airlines flight booking site or speak with one of the customer representatives by dialing the toll-free number.


Flying with Delta Airlines is one of the best solutions if you are looking for cheap flight tickets. Delta has also introduced flexible flight change policies so that you can make changes hassle-free from the comfort of your home without any extra charges. You can always reach out the customer support for complete flight booking and flight cancellation assistance.


Visit the official website of Delta to change your name online. You can then enter your confirmation number and last name, access the manage booking page, and make the required name changes.

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