Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy

Asiana Flight Cancellation Policy

“Hassle free cancellation policy throughout your travel- Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy”
Asiana Airlines is a Seoul based airlines and they pursue the safest effort to make sure passengers have access to the best flight services. Whether you are in medical emergencies or you have decided to change plans you can enjoy risk free flight cancellations with Asiana Airlines. Asiana Airlines has introduced affordable and customer friendly cancellation policies.

If a passenger find themselves stuck in an unavoidable circumstance that can affect their travel then they might want to cancel their travel. In doing so the passenger needs to know about Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy. Passengers are advised to go through Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy before booking their flight tickets to avoid any errors in future.

Asiana Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Asiana Airlines cancellation policy is applicable only on the following areas:

  1. If you are flying with Asiana Airlines operated flights only.
  2. The cancellation policy is applicable if you have booked your flight tickets directly from Asiana Airlines official website, call centre, ticket counters, etc.
  3. Refunds will be credited back to passenger within 30 days and in the original form of payment only.
  4. Asiana Airlines cancellation fees will not be applicable in event of death of the passenger, its travel companion, immediate family or due to military deployment.
  5. Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy is not applicable on group bookings.
  6. Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy will not be applicable for tickets purchased from a third party agent.
  7. If you have an award ticket then the refunds will not be available in cash.
  8. Same day flight changes can be made for Zero charges.
  9. For tickets purchased with miles, your miles will be reinstated in your travel account.

Asiana Airlines Refund Policy

As per Asiana Airlines Refund Policy:

  1. You will get a complete refund for both refundable and non refundable fares if you cancel within the 24 hour risk free policy of the airlines.
  2. You will also receive a refund if the airlines cancel your flight altogether because of bad weather conditions, bereavement, technical failure, state emergency, etc.
  3. You will receive a refund if you have medical emergencies, or death of immediate family member. You can claim for refund by providing with a valid death certificate.
  4. You can cancel and claim for a refund if the airlines delay your flight by 3 or more hours after the original schedule time.
  5. If you have booked your flight ticket using miles you will receive a refund only for the unused portion of the flight ticket in the form of a travel credit.
  6. To check out whether you are eligible for a refund or not you can dial Asiana Airlines Customer care number at +1-888-772-1600 to connect with a live representative.

Asiana Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

  1. If you cancel your flight reservations beyond 24 hours of booking then a penalty will be imposed by the airlines. The 24 hours cancellation policy is applied for flight originating to and from USA.
  2. You have 24 hours to cancel and modify your trips according to your requirement for zero charges.
  3. Asiana Airlines 24 hour’s policy is not applicable for group reservations or reward tickets.
  4. Asiana Airlines 24 hour’s policy is also applicable for both refundable and non refundable flight fares irrespective of the fare type.

Steps to make Asiana Airlines Cancellation
Asiana Airlines Cancellation via online method:

  1. First of all you go to Asiana Airlines official site
  2. Go to find my trip options
  3. You have to fill in the reservation number, departure and arrival city, boarding time and last name
  4. After completing all the details you will be prompted to “Find my trip”
  5. This way you will get several options for managing your Asiana Airlines flight reservations to cancel your booking
  6. Follow the on screen instructions you must select the cancellation option
  7. Complete the process and check your inbox for the confirmation code.

Airport Ticket Counter-If you are unable to make flight cancellations with the methods mentioned above then you can visit the nearest airport and approach the Air Asiana help desk and ask the helpdesk to assist you. Provide them with the correct travel details and cancellation fees if applicable. Don’t forget to carry your passport , government issued ID, and other relevant documents to present at the airport.  Also keep your six digit reference number ready as the representatives may ask you to retrieve your flight details.

Asiana Airlines Cancellation by calling the customer care-Asiana Airlines have a special team that provides assistance to needy passengers. Besides its high quality support-Asiana Airlines customer service will make they address passengers concern and anything that hinders their travel. You can dial Asiana Airlines Customer care number at +1-888-772-1600 to connect with a live agent.

Asiana Airlines No Show Policy

Asiana Airlines No show policy states that:

  1. If you are unable to present yourself at the airport on time during departure, the airlines will consider it a No Show.
  2.  If you fall under the now show list your entire value of flight ticket will be terminated without getting any refund
  3. If you haven’t notified the airlines about your inability to board the plane then your entire ticket will become nil and void.
  4. Asiana Airlines charges KRW 120000 / $120 per passenger if you do not show at the airport
  5. Asiana Airlines charges KRW 300000 / $300 per passenger if you do not show at gate of the airport

To learn more about Asiana Airlines no show policy you can dial Asiana Customer care number at +1-888-772-1600 and find out more about your travel options.

Asiana Airlines Cancellation fees

  1. No fees is charged for Asiana Airlines flight Cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  2. After 24 hours you will have to pay a cancellation fees for both domestic and international flights
  3. Asiana demands approximately $70 plus the fare difference for flight cancelations at least seven days before departure
  4. The cancellation fees also varies as per factors like destination airport, ticket type and the date of request
  5. The administrative charges for Asiana Airlines are $50 for cancelling flight tickets via a phone call or through a ticket counter.


Refund fees

Cancellation fees

No show penalties

Domestic flights (operating to/from Korea)

500 miles/$50


500 miles/$50

International flights

Fees will be refunded only for the unused portion of tickets



International flights operating from Korea









Fare Class

Booking Class

Refund charged  for tickets booked on or before 19/20/22

Refund charged  for tickets booked after 19/20/22

Business class


KRW 2000

KRW 3000

Economy class (normal fare)


KRW 2000

KRW 3000

Economy class (discounted fare)


KRW 5000

KRW 7000

Economy class (special fare)


KRW 8000

KRW 9000


With a team of ardent travel professionals strive swiftly to bring genuine and up to date travel solutions for its passengers. Call Asiana Airlines Customer care number at +1-888-772-1600 to connect with a live representative. Asiana Airlines Customer care number is available 24/7 to give you real time trave support from the comfort of your home.

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