South African Airways Cancellation Policy

South African Cancellation Policy

South African Airways provide variable flight options and options for passengers flying domestic and international destinations.  South African Airways provides scheduled services for 13 destinations across 9 African countries. Passengers can make their South African Airways Cancellations both offline and offline.

South African Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

South African Airways offers many services and facilities to the passengers flying with them. If passengers have booked with the airlines and want to cancel it later

The simplest approach to make South African Airways Flight Cancellation. South African Airways allows you to make stress free

South African Airways 24-hour Cancellation Policy

South African Airways offer its passengers a full refund if the cancellations are accepted by the airlines within 24 hours of ticket purchase. The date of flight departure must be at least 168 hours booked in advance to get a full refund. Only Tickets booked through the official portal of  South African Airways will be eligible for a refund.

In case there will be no cancellation charges and the full booking amount will be refunded. For ticket cancellations made within 96 hours of the scheduled departure, a passenger has to pay an additional charge of the cancellation fee.

In the case of a passenger's death or the death of an immediate member, the cancellation charge will be waived when a valid document is submitted. The refund amount I processed in the same account from which the payment was made.

The cancel and the refund amount is processed once the cancel and refund button is clicked.

How To Cancel a South African Airways Flight?

Passengers can easily make their flight cancellations online by following these few easy steps:

South African Airways Cancellation Online

  1. To start with the cancellation you need to visit South African Airways Official site
  2. Go to the booking page
  3. Log in by using your email id or password
  4. Select the “Manage my travel” feature
  5. Enter your reference number/ ticket number so that your details may be retrieved
  6. Then click on the next option
  7. Enter your name, contact information and other essential information
  8. Then you can make your flight cancellation or make changes
  9. If you are eligible for a refund then you can request a refund immediately with South African Airways.

South African Airways Cancellation Via a Phone Call

According to South African Airways Cancellation policy, travellers have many alternatives, if you do not want to make flight cancellations online, you can do so offline. Passengers can contact the South African Airways Cancellation office via their toll-free number.

A competent team of customer executives has been assembled to serve you with great cancellation services. To request cancellation via a phone call follow these steps:

  1. Log in to South African Airways Cancellation
  2. Visit the contact us option at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on that option and dial the number
  4. Follow the instructions and press the correct number whenever prompted
  5. Follow the instructions and share your travel details once you connect with a live agent

South African Airways Refund Policy

According to South African Airways cancellation policy:

  1. You can cancel your flight ticket at least seven days or 24 hours before your flight departure.
  2. Your flight ticket is eligible for cancellation only if you have purchased your ticket directly from South Airways Official site, in the United States, from the mobile app.

South African Airways Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fees for South African Airways depend on the ticket you purchased. If you have bought a refundable fare you will be charged a refund fee -approximately $70 plus cancellation fees. If you have purchased a non-refundable fare you will be charged a refund fee as per the applicable government policy plus airport taxes. The cancellation fees for South African Airways range between $100 to $500 if the passengers cancel their flight ticket after 24 hours.


Yes, you can cancel your flight ticket by following the airline's terms and policies. If you want to qualify for a full refund risk-free for your cancelled tickets you need to purchase a refundable flight ticket.

Yes, you can cancel your SAA saver fare within 24 hours of booking and you will be able to claim a full refund without any extra charges. The 24-hour flight cancellation policy of South African Airways allows its passengers to enjoy risk-free flight modifications with zero penalties. The cancellation charges depend on the fare rule section available on the website.

Under the 24-hour cancellation policy, a passenger is entitled to a full refund for cancellations made under the 24-hour policy. Passengers can claim a full refund or they can make changes after their flight bookings. If they make alterations to their existing reservations after the expiry of the 24-hour window frame they will be charged a fee ranging anywhere between $100 -$400.

If you have purchased your flight ticket from the official site using a credit card then the South African Airways flight refund can be easily processed through the Manage my booking option. The flight ticket should be refundable, unused and also booked at least five days before your flight departure and not exchanged.

Call the South African Airways Cancellation phone number to learn if your flight ticket is eligible for a refund.

If the airline has cancelled your flight or delayed your flight for more than 3 hours due to some reason then you can exercise these options at your convenience:

  1. Notify the airlines immediately by visiting the airport helpdesk
  2. Claim for a refund from the airlines
  3. Ask the airlines to compensate your travel in the form of credit which you can redeem in future
  4. Ask the airlines to help you get a seat on the next flight
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