Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Flight Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines' cancellation policy ensures that every flyer has an unrivalled cancellation experience and easy refunds for their hard-earned money. Familiarise yourself better with the cancellation guideline we have made for you below.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy wants customers to book with confidence, so they have made it inexpensive as possible to make adjustments to your advanced reservations. Turkish Airlines also wants to make sure you enjoy a hassle-free flight cancellation service from the comfort of your home.

The Flight should be booked at least 7 days before your flight departure. The airline will refund the customer if they cancel their flight on the same day as their flight reservation. If the flight departure time is more than 168 hours away, the traveller will not be charged a cancellation fee. If the ticket is booked less than seven days before the departure, the airline will levy a cancellation fee. The 24-hour cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines is not applicable in this situation. According to the airline's policy, the passenger must pay the charge fee. Even if the flight is cancelled on the day of departure passengers are entitled to a reimbursement. They must pay a cancellation fee by the airline's rules to receive a refund. 

Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the Turkish Airlines flight within 24 hours and claim a full refund. According to Turkish Airlines' Hours Cancellation Policy, flyers have 7 days (168 hours) before the scheduled departure to make changes/ cancel their flight and receive a full refund. The same Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy states that there are no same-day ticket cancellations.

Cancellation Policy: Within 24 hours travel with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy states that the airline won’t refund the passenger after the aircraft has taken off. If the passenger has booked the flight ticket using their credit the refund amount will be reflected within a week to their original account. If the flyer cancels his flight tickets at least 60 days before their departure, they will all receive a full refund, even if they bought a non-refundable ticket. To receive a refund for a ticket cancellation made less than 13 days before departure, the traveller must pay a penalty.

Cancellation Fees on Turkish Airlines Ticket


Economy/Business promotion fare

Economy/Business Restricted

Economy/Business Flex

Economy class airline fee/optional payment charges

250 USD (non-refundable)

200 USD (non-refundable)

200 USD (non-refundable)

Business class airline fee/optional payment charges

300 USD (non-refundable)

250 USD (non-refundable)

200 USD (non-refundable)

Cancellation fees on Turkish Airlines Ticket booked with Miles & Smiles programs

Cancellation Fees

Elite Members

Elite Plus Members

Classic Plus Members

Classic Members

For cancelling travel from US with miles redeposit 30 or before flight departure

300 USD

250 USD

350 USD

350 USD

Fee for cancelling a flight ticket from US with miles redeposit 60 or before flight departure

200 USD

200 USD

250 USD

250 USD

Fee to redeposit miles after no show

450 USD

450 USD

450 USD

450 USD

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

How can Turkish Airlines Flights be cancelled?

  1. Click on the Manage Booking/Check-in tab
  2. Enter your last name and booking reference number
  3. Click on the button marked Manage Booking
  4. Select and Cancel your flight

You can also cancel your Turkish Airlines flight booking by calling the phone number. In the passenger holds a non-restricted fare that can’t be supported online then they can opt for the contact us option.


You can easily cancel your Turkish Airlines flight online by following these steps:

  1. Navigate the Manage booking option by visiting Turkish Airlines' official site.
  2. Enter your PNR/six-digit reference number
  3. Enter the passenger name and click on the “Cancel/Modify” button
  4. Make the desired changes and on the next page you will get details if your ticket will be eligible for a refund or not
  5. Confirm and click continue
  6. Passengers will get the refund amount within ten business days to their original account.

Yes, you can cancel your Turkish Flight for free if you cancel it 24 hours after purchasing your flight ticket and only if certain airline conditions are met. Flight cancellations/ modifications made within 24 hours of ticket purchase will be penalty-free. You will be charged a penalty as a service fee if you make cancellations after the expiry of 24 hours of purchase.

You have three options to make your Turkish Airlines flight either by visiting the official site,  by making a phone call, through the mobile app, or by visiting the airport kiosk.  Do visit Turkish Airlines official to check out the flight cancellation details or you can dial the customer service phone number to connect with the customer executive.

One can enjoy the following advantages if they cancel their ticket within one day of reservation:

  1. Easy cancellation policy
  2. Eligible for a full refund
  3. Penalty free and no extra charges

Turkish Airlines' cancellation policy states that the cancellation policy depends upon the nature of the ticket and destination. The cancellation policy for group bookings is subject to contract. The refund policy applies only to those fare tickets booked with the airline's fare rules. If the flyer cancels the flight ticket the fare amount will be refunded as a future travel credit that can be claimed while making reservations with the airlines in the future.

According to the 24 hours Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  1. 24 hours Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy may vary depending upon the nature of the flight ticket and destination
  2. For requesting a flight cancellation the flight departure must be at least seven days away
  3. Flights booked under the Miles&Smiles program do not qualify for the cancellation policy
  4. 24 hours Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy Electronic vouchers/travel credit and gift certificates

If your flight gets cancelled by the airlines, then you will be compensated for the same by the airlines. You can also notify the airline immediately by speaking with the customer executives and asking them to help you arrange a seat on the next flight.

Turkish Airlines no show policy is applicable on all fare types and does not offer a refund. To minimize the risk of no-show expenses a flyer may adhere to the airline policy or speak with the customer executive to exercise their possible options.

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