Air France Flight Change Policy

Air France Flight Change Policy

  1. For Air France Flight Change, Air France will charge for the fare differences.
  2. You can only make changes to your flight when it is purchased through the official site or directly at the airport.
  3. Changes made within 24 hours requires no fees
  4. Air France flight changes can be made only if passengers have booked their flight ticket through Air France official site, through customer service, through mobile app or through the ticket sales counter.
  5. If you fail to arrive at the airport without informing the airlines about your delay then it will be considered a no show and your ticket value will be terminated automatically.
  6. If the price of the previous flight is lower than the new flight ticket  the passenger have to pay for the fare difference . Alternatively the airlines will reimburse you the fee if the cost of the new flight ticket is lower than the previous one.
  7. Passengers are allowed to make flight change, date, time, itinerary, meals and seats if they change t within Air France 24 hour policy.
  8. If the passenger has booked a round ticket and wants to make a flight change , Air France will charge you a change fee according to the fare type.
  9. The flight change fee can vary from $45 to $125 as per the type of flight ticket booked, time of flight change and class of service.

For more enquiries about Air France Flight Change Policy and other travel services you can dial Air France Flight Change phone number at +1-888-772-1600.

Air France Same Day Flight Change Policy

  1. Passengers must have a valid flight ticket to request an Air France same day flight change
  2. According to the fare type and destination travelled the passenger will have to pay for the required charges.
  3. The ticket booked in your name will not be transferred to another person
  4. Passenger must pay the change fees even under the Same Day Flight Change Policy

Air France 24 hours Flight Change Policy

Under the 24 hour flight change policy passenger flying with Air France are given the option to modify their trips according to their requirements within 24 hours free of cost irrespective of the fare type, distance travelled, fare types or add on. Both domestic and international passengers will be given full refund for changing or cancelling their flight tickets within the 24 hour period. If passengers are flying with refundable tickets they can cancel/ change flight anytime for free and they will receive a refund in their original form of payment within seven working days. However, if a passenger holds a non-refundable flight ticket they can change it within 24 hours for free which will not be applicable after the 24 hour period.

To be eligible for Air France 24 hours Flight Change Policy:
 You should ensure that the departure date is seven days from the day of your flight reservation to get complete refund if you change or cancel your flight. If passengers are traveling in group they are eligible for Air France 24 hour cancellation policy and are subject to a group contract.

For non refundable flight tickets, passenger can directly apply for flight change and cancellations and receive travel credit for travel future. For non refundable flight tickets, the voucher equals the sum of the booking value that is applied to the portion minus the cancellation fee. For refundable flight tickets, passenger can directly cancel their flight tickets without any extra charges and get a full refund. Refundable flight fares are eligible for flight change up to four hours before departure for international flights.  For domestic flights passengers can make a flight change up to two hours before flight departure.

Procedure to Change Air France Flight

Air France flight changes can be made online and offline. To make your Air France flight changes online follow the steps listed below:

  1. Search for Air France Official site-
  2. Login to your travel account using your travel credentials
  3. Navigate to “My Booking” section
  4. Fill in the text fields with your last name and booking reference number
  5. Now you will need to select the ticket type
  6. Hit the “Change flight” button
  7. Provide the new flight details
  8. Change your flight accordingly and click on confirm and submit
  9.  Pay for the fare difference if applicable
  10. Click on submit and check your inbox for the confirmation message

Air France Flight Change Offline Method

Under Air France Flight Change Offline Method passengers have to follow the traditional method . They can either call Air France Flight Change phone number at +1-888-772-1600. Air France has a dedicated customer support system to assist customers worldwide 24/7.

By Visiting the Airport

Another option is to visit the airport kiosk directly or the airline helpdesk and ask them to assist you directly. Do carry the correct travel documents and present them whenever prompted.

Air France Flight Change Fees

To change Air France flight passengers will need to pay $20 to $35 as a flight change fee. Additionally the passengers who booked their flight tickets through a third party agent will need to pay $30 to $35. Apart from this you can save yourself from paying extra charges by completing the flight changes by completing the flight change within 24 hours of purchase. But every passenger will need to pay the fare difference if applicable for the new flight change.

Air France Flight Date Change

  1. Go to Air France “My Booking” section on the home page
  2. Find your reservation by entering your- Reservation number containing six characters
  3. Check the flight if it’s the correct one
  4. Click review/ modify flight booking and find your flight reservation
  5. Search for new travel dates and change it according to your requirement
  6. There are no change fees, however you might need to pay for the fare difference if the new flight is more expensive than the original flight reservation.
  7. Receive a new flight itinerary or for more information you can call Air France customer service phone number +1-888-772-1600.

Air France Flight Name Change Policy

As per Air France Flight Name Change Policy passengers can make minor name changes and add or delete part of their names if they made errors while booking their flight tickets. If passengers make name change requests within the first 24 hours of flight ticket purchase then the airlines will not charge them any name change fee.

  1. Open Air France official site
  2. Login to manage booking section
  3. Choose your flight and make changes
  4. Confirm the changes and complete the payment if necessary

Air France Flight Time Change Policy

You can make changes for your time on your flight ticket if you change within 24 hours of flight booking. Air France charges a fee of $20 for making time change to your existing flight ticket.

Air France Flight Seat Change Policy

Air France allows its passenger to select their seats both through online and offline method. Passengers are free to select the seat while booking for a fee. If they couldn’t book a seat while booking then they will be automatically assigned a seat while checking in at the airport.  Passengers have to pay an extra fee for seat change after the 24 hour policy. Passengers can change their seat at least 30 minutes before their flight departure. If you are travelling as an unaccompanied minor or you are a Trip Flex member then you can change your seat without any extra charges.

Air France Flight Meals Change Policy

Passengers are allowed to make changes to their meals before their scheduled departure. You can visit Air France official site and visit manage my booking to add or delete a meal. You might be eligible for a change for selecting your meals.

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