EL AL Flight Change Policy

EL AL Flight Change Policy 2023

EL AL is a flag carrier of Israel headquartered in the Central District of Israel, and the airlines offer flight services across fifty destinations. EL AL is known for its outstanding performance and its customer friendly flight change policies in case there is a change of travel plan. In this page you can get a complete guide and an overview on how to make EL AL flight change that could be helpful for you for your future travel. Here are the important policies every flyer with EL AL Flight should check out before making any changes:

  1. To be eligible for EL AL Flight change then the flight tickets should have been purchased from EL AL website, its service centre, through the EL AL mobile app, or by calling its customer care centre. Any flight tickets purchased through a travel agent will be not be eligible for flight change.
  2. Tickets purchased must be a non stop flight including codeshare flights.
  3. Passengers can modify their trips like seats, flights, date, itinerary but they cannot change their names.
  4. EL AL Flight change policy is applicable for all fare types-Economy, business and Premium class.
  5. EL AL restricts passengers for altering their original fare for a lower fare value.
  6. EL AL invites its passengers to contact its customer care centre for any other inquiries and travel issues. Whether you are looking for flight booking cheaper EL AL flight fares, add extra baggage, request for flight refunds, or what type of compensations are available for you, EL AL flight representatives are available at your service.
  7. Please note that flight change will be applicable according to EL AL flight change policies only.
  8. Flight tickets must be purchased wither through a credit voucher or a credit card.
  9. If passengers have purchased their flight tickets using points or award tickets then EL AL change policy will not be applicable excluding airport taxes.
  10. EL AL change policy will not be applicable for flight tickets purchased with extra services like seat upgrades, extra seat or extra baggage or tickets purchased using flight coupons.
  11. EL AL change policy will be applicable for outbound flights that will be departing at least two hours from its schedule.
  12. If you are cancelling a seat then the value of the seat along with the added services (extra meal, extra baggage’s) will be cancelled.

EL AL Name Change Policy

Passengers can make name change only if they meet the airlines specific guidelines. Passengers can make name change if they have entered their name incorrectly while booking their flight ticket. They can cancel their flight ticket altogether and book a ticket with their correct name. EL AL allows making name change for up to 3 characters, major name changes are restricted. Passengers name must match with names issued on the passport. Passengers are given three options to make a name change on their existing flight reservations- either they can visit the official website and make changes, call the EL AL customer care phone number or cancel their flight ticket altogether. Passenger are allowed to make a one time name change, they can change the alphabetical orders from first to last or from last to first and vice versa. Passenger can make name change caused due to marriage or divorce followed by supporting documents. You can avoid the name change fees if you change your name within the 24 hour flight change policy. You can change your name by visiting EL AL flight booking site and select the “Manage Travel” option. If you make your name change outside the 24 hour window frame you will be charged a change fee of $125. For more information on EL AL Name Change Policy you can contact EL AL customer care at +1-888-504-1105.

EL AL Date Change Procedure

You can change your date on EL AL flight ticket very easily by following the steps below:

Step 1- The first thing to do is head over to EL AL website and once you are there you can scroll down and you will be able to see three options –Manage my booking/ Check in Online/ Flight Status.

Step 2- Go to the first option “Manage my booking”

Step 3- You will be prompted to enter your booking reference number and also your last name. So in order to find your booking reference number, if you don’t know how to find it, you can click on “Finding your booking reference number” and if you have an e-tickets you can follow the screen instructions.

Step 4- Now you can enter your last name and click start “Check in”. From there you will be taken to the next page where you will be given an option to change your booking details

Step 5- So what you have to do is tick on the box that reads “I want to change my flight date”. Depending on what type of flight schedule you have got you will be able to see whether you are eligible for date change with EL AL.
Step 6- If you are not eligible for date change you can always call the EL AL help centre, from here you should be able to contact the airlines representative and ask them if they are able to change the ticket date to your flight.

EL AL 24 Hour Flight Change Policy

According to EL AL 24 Hour Flight Change Policy all tickets that have been purchased directly from EL AL official site are eligible for flight change. The flight change fee will be eliminated if passengers make change within 24 hours of booking flight ticket or they booked their tickets seven days before flight departure. EL AL 24 Hour Flight Change Policy offers a grace period for passengers who wish to modify their trips immediately. The airlines will not charge any fees for flight changes made due to medical emergency like death or severe illness.

EL AL Seat Change Procedure

To change your seat for your booked tickets on EL AL you can follow the same process as stated above for date change. You can visit EL AL official site, log in to your travel account and enter your booking reference number and last name. Retrieve your travel account and click on “Manage Booking” and you will see two options- “Change seat/ Add Baggage”. You can click on “Change seat” option and select a different seat which will be subject to availability. If you need assistance on changing your seat you can call EL AL representative at +1-888-504-1105.

EL AL Flight Change Procedure

If you want to make changes to your EL AL flight, here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your ticket number/ email address and password and log in
  2. Navigate “Manage Flight booking” option from the screen
  3. Find your flight and click on “ Help/Flight change” from the top of the screen
  4. Modify your trips according to your requirement-select the desired date, seat, destination
  5. Click on “Find Flight “ and click on continue
  6. You will get to see on the screen if your flight ticket is eligible for making flight change
  7. You will be assigned a seat if there are seats available
  8. Pay for the fare difference if applicable
  9. Click on “Confirm” and finish the flight change process
  10. Check your email for the confirmation message

EL AL Flight Change Customer Care Number

 To connect with a travel expert on EL AL you can visit EL AL’s official site and look for the “contact us/ help” option. You can dial the specified number to talk with a customer care. Press the required number, once you get connected you can ask them to assist you with EL AL flight change procedure. Provide the customer care with all the necessary details and complete the flight change procedure. Make sure to check your registered mail for the confirmation message.

EL AL Flight Change Fees

The flight change fee will be calculated on the basis of multiple factors like time of booking, fare type, destination and passengers will be charge an additional fee of $15 if you are travelling with an infant. If the price of the new ticket is higher than the original fare then fare difference will be applicable.

Travel Destination

Fare Type

EL AL Cancellation Fees

For travel across Middle East, Europe and across Morocco

One way Ticket- Economy Classic

Round trip- Economy Classic

Economy Flex
Other type of Economy Flex
Economy Lite


Not Applicable

For travel across Far East and Africa

Round Trip- Economy Classic

One way ticket- Economy Classic
Economy Flex
Other type of Economy Flex
Economy Lite





Not Applicable

EL AL customer care is available 24/7 to answer your questions about flight change fees and other travel services. You can call +1-888-504-1105 today if you want to change your flight ticket or you are looking for any other flight services online.

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EL AL facilitates their passengers to make flight changes through different platforms. Passengers can make flight changes online by visiting EL AL official site, through mobile app, by calling the customer care or by visiting the airport helpdesk.

EL AL flight change fee will be calculated based on the fare type, destination, time of booking and fare difference will be applicable if the new flight is more than the original flight fare.

To change your flight seat with EL AL you can navigate the “Manage Booking” section and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the seat change.

You can dial+1-888-504-1105 to connect with EL AL customer care and change your flight ticket.

For travel across far east and Africa the change fees for round trip in economy classic is $260, for one way ticket the change fee is $160, for other type of economy flex is $50, economy lite the change fee is nil and for economy flex the change fee is zero.

Yes, you can change your flight ticket for free if you change your flight within the 24 hour change policy.

EL AL allows passengers to make at least three characters to their names in case of errors or spelling mistakes. Major name changes are not allowed on EL AL flight change policy.

Yes, you can change your flight date with EL AL at least 24 hours before flight departure. You can visit EL AL official site and click on “Manage My trip” to change your flight date.

Yes, if you are not comfortable making changes online you can always call the EL AL help centre. You can contact the airlines representative directly and ask them if they are able to help you change the ticket date to your flight.

No, passengers cannot make changes to their ticket if they have used their flight points. If passengers have purchased their flight tickets using points or award tickets then EL AL change policy will not be applicable excluding airport taxes.

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