Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

How to change your name on Allegiant Airlines before your flight departure-Complete guide to Allegiant Airlines Name change Policy”

Getting an incorrect name on your Allegiant Flight ticket!! Here’s a complete guide to educate you more about Allegiant name change policy.
Allegiant Airlines online portal gives you flexible and reliable policies for changing your name if you have misspelled your name or made an error or skipped a word while booking your flight ticket. Allegiant airlines charge a nominal fee or no fees for making minor name change because the airline has to have someone taking care of the paperwork. The rules vary depending on the tour operator or carrier and the reasons for them also vary depending on who you ask. Allegiant Airlines does not allow to makes changes for the entire name or you cannot change a name that’s entirely unreasonable.

You can visit Allegiant Airlines to manage your flight tickets or you can dial +1-888-772-1600 to speak with Allegiant Airlines customer care.

Does Allegiant Allow a Passenger to Change Names?

Allegiant offers easy name change policies do that you don’t have to worry about changing your travel plans. According to Allegiant Airlines Name change policy:

  1. Passengers are allowed to make minor corrections in their name like  spelling mistakes
  2. A passenger is not allowed to transfer his/her ticket in another passengers name
  3. You will be required to cancel your flight ticket if there are major issues in your name. You can rebook a new flight ticket with the correct details
  4. Passengers are advised to make a request for the name change on the same day of flight booking within 24 hours to avoid extra fees.
  5. Allegiant Airlines allows passengers to make changes because of marriages/ or divorce.
  6. Do submit all the relevant documents like marriage certificate, divorce certificate  for the same.

How to Change a Passengers Name on Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines provides legal platforms to correct names. You can make corrections with the following methods:

  1. Allegiant Airlines name correction online
  2.  Allegiant Airlines  name correction via phone call
  3. Allegiant Airlines name correction at the airport

Steps to Make Name changes online with Allegiant Airlines:

  1. Visit Allegiant Airlines official site/
  2. Enter your login details and access your travel account
  3. Select “Manage Travel” from the screen
  4. Enter your last name along with the ticket number
  5. Choose the option where you wish to make corrections to your name
  6. Make changes to your name and submit the request
  7. You will get a notification from Allegiant Airlines via SMS or email.

What’s The Importance of Making Name Changes on Your Flight Ticket?

Name change becomes mandatory because as per the Transportation Security Administration (TSA rules) your name on your boarding must match with your government issued ID. It is mandatory that all passengers have completed the screening against the government watch list and they are approved to fly with Allegiant Airlines.

Allegiant Name Change Fees

How much does Allegiant Airlines charge to change a name on a plane ticket?

Allegiant Airlines charges zero fees for making minor changes unless it’s a major correction.  You can make minor changes for free but you will be paying $75 for making name change on a Trip Flex ticket plus the fare difference if applicable. Passengers must make changes 7 days before their flight departure.


Yes, you can change your name after booking your flight tickets as long as it adheres to the airline’s name change policy.

You can contact Allegiant chat by visiting, go to the bottom of the home screen, select the “Contact us” option and click on the Live chat link.

Yes, you can change your name on your flight ticket if you have changed names because of marriage or divorce. Passengers are advised to make the name changes seven days prior to the flight departure.

As per Allegiant Airlines name change policy you can make charge free changes for minor mistakes or misspelled names. You are not allowed to make changes without proper documentation or on valid grounds like marriage and divorce.

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