Asiana Airlines Name Change Policy

Asiana Airlines Name Correction Policy

“Asiana Airlines Name Change Policy- Step by step guide of correcting a passenger’s name”

Asiana Airlines is based in South Korea established in 1988 as Seoul Airlines. Asiana Airlines is a leading airline in the market and is striving to become the greatest airline with intensive efforts and sustainable growth. Today Asiana Airlines holds about 25% of international flights and 20% in the domestic aviation market. Asiana Airlines is also a renowned member of Star Alliance with the business hub based in Seoul. Asia Airlines has a sweeping network stretched over 90 international routes throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania.

Sometimes passengers are compelled to change their fight tickets because of change in name, divorce, marriage and other unavoidable situations. At such time Asiana Airlines understands its customers, therefore the airlines has laid down easy and reliable name change policy.

Asiana Airlines Name Change Policy

  1. Passengers are allowed to make name change at least 24 hours before their flight departure.
  2. Passengers are not allowed to make a full name change
  3. Passengers are not allowed to transfer the ticket to another passenger
  4. Name change should be accompanied by documents of proof like marriage certificate, order of court, divorce certificate and vice versa.
  5. Name change will be free of cost if you change it within 24 hours of flight booking.
  6. Passengers are allowed to modify only up to 3 characters on their flight ticket (PNR).
  7. If you want to make modifications for more than 3 characters then you need to cancel your flight ticket and book a new one with the correct name.
  8. Changes to date, time and destinations are not allowed.

Asiana Airlines Name Change Process

Asiana Airlines allows passengers to make name change only for a limited character; changes can be made for correcting the spelling errors and not for other purposes. You can make name change through both ways online and offline.

To make a name change online you need to:

  1. First step is to visit  Asiana Airlines official
  2. Log in to your travel account with your email ID or phone number
  3. Go to the main homepage
  4. Click on “Manage Booking”
  5. Provide with your last name and reference number
  6. Now you can make your name change
  7. Click on submit button
  8. Pay for the name change fee if applicable
  9. Check your inbox for the confirmation message

To make a name change online you need to call Asiana Airlines customer care number or visit the airport ticket counter. You can dial +1-888- 772-1600 to connect with a live representatives at Asiana Airlines.  Once your call gets connected you can share in your travel details and ask the agent to assist you with the name change process. Make sure to provide them with a suitable reason for name change and provide them with update name, booking number and other travel requirements.

When you visit the airport helpdesk don’t forget to carry all your travel documents and other documents to support your name change.

Asiana Airlines Name Change Fees

On most airline name change fees ranges between $50 to $200 depending on the carrier and the situation.  You can dial Asiana Airlines customer care phone number to enquire about the fees for name change.

Even if your specific reason for name change is not covered above, it doesn’t hurt to call Asiana Airlines+1-888- 772-1600 and plead your case at the earliest. Asiana Airlines customer care phone line is available; you can dial the number and ask them to assist you with a name change.

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