Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy

Avianca Airlines Name Correction Policy

“Detailed guide of correcting a passengers name with Avianca Airlines- Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy”  

Avianca Airlines is the flag carrier of Columbia and it is the official member of Star Alliance since 2012. If there are times when you have to modify your trip because of some uneven situations, Avianca flyers can alter their booking details according to their requirement before their flight departure.  Avianca Airlines offers flexible policies if a passenger wants to change their names and alter other parts of their travel. Hence it becomes important to go through Avianca Airlines name change policy before making changes. Passengers should be ready to provide with all the necessary documentation to verify the name change. It’s important to note that minor name corrections can be made without having to purchase a new flight ticket.

Whether you have misspelled your name or your name has changed you can go through the following policy to avoid more errors in future.

According to Avianca Airlines Name Change Policy:

  1. A passenger can enjoy hassle free name change to their flight ticket within 24 hours of their purchase without any extra charges.
  2. Altering your name after the 24 hour time period will be available for a service fee.
  3. Avianca Airlines allows minor name corrections like fixing spellings, adding missing initials
  4. Passengers can make name changes through customer service or Manage reservation from Avianca Airlines site.
  5. Avianca airlines does not allow major name changes like those resulting for a major name change. In such cases passengers are advised to cancel their flight ticket before departure and rebook a new flight ticket in their corrected name.

Name Change Policy Due to Marriage or Divorce

Marriage, court decrees or divorce are considered a valid reason for name change by Avianca Airlines. Avianca Airlines will only accept name change request if you have a legal documentation. You have to pay a change fee for reissuance of your new flight ticket. You can contact Avianca Airlines +1-888-933-2065 to find out if you are eligible for a name change.

What Should I Do If My Name Appears Incorrectly on My Flight Ticket?

If you have noticed an error on your flight ticket you can contact Avianca Airlines customer care immediately or if you have noticed it within 24 hours of booking you can cancel it and rebook a new flight. If there are mistakes for more than 3 letters you can contact Avianca phone number and check if you are eligible for a refund.

How To Make a Name Change on Avianca Airlines?

  1. To make a name change you can visit Avianca Airlines official
  2. Login with your correct email ID and password and select other fields
  3. Click on “ My Reservations” tab on the Avianca homepage
  4. Check the box to the left of the reservation you want to change
  5. Click on “Change flight button “and enter the new name and select the edit button.
  6. Having changed your name, you can press the save button at the end of the task easily.

Avianca Airlines name change/ correction at the airport- You can speak with any Avianca Airlines representatives at the airport counter if you are already at the airport. They can give you a list of options and a service fee might be applicable for a name change request

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