Ethiopian Airlines Name Change Policy

Ethiopian Airlines Name Correction Policy

“Spell your name correctly on your flight ticket -Ethiopian Airlines Name change Policy”

Ethiopian Airlines Name change Policy states that when a flyer has misspelled his/her name, they can still enjoy risk free name changes within 24 hours for zero charges. If you have spotted an error on your ticket and does not match your passport, you can contact Ethiopian Airlines reservations and complete your name corrections on time before your flight departure. If you intend to travel with Ethiopian Airlines then you must make your name change according to Ethiopian name change policy only.

Permitted Name Changes/Corrections

Ethiopian Airlines allows name change for up to three characters, making major name changes are not allowed.  As long as a passenger has misspelled his name on the Ethiopian Airlines it can be corrected according to the Ethiopian Airlines name change policy.

The following does not require legal documentation on the following conditions:

  1. Changing the spelling of the passengers name
  2. Correcting the passengers last  name
  3. Changing a passengers name to a nickname  or vice versa
  4. Making changes/correcting to a passengers prefix or title
  5. Removing or adding a middle name or an initial
  6. Making corrections to a passengers  first and last name backward
  7. Correct inverted names and surnames

Name corrections due to marriage, divorce and other reasons
There are also some major name fixes that need legal documentation to proceed:

  1. Divorce Agreement
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Another government issued document with your old name and the new name
  4. In case you are unable to submit a legal document you can submit with a name affidavit option. The name affidavit states your name change along with a copy of your government issued identification.

Ethiopian Airlines consider the following a valid reason for name change- Divorce, marriage and court decrees. If you are changing names on these grounds then you must provide a legit document as proof for name change. Failure to submit documents would amount to non compliance with the airlines policy and hence you would not be allowed to travel with Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines Name Change Fee

For domestic tickets Ethiopian Airlines charges $10, for making name changes for flight tickets originating to and from North America Ethiopian Airlines charges $200 and the name change fee for other routes is $100 respectively.

How to Change a Passengers Name on Ethiopian Airlines?

To request a passengers name change on Ethiopian Airlines please follow the steps below:

  1. Make the necessary changes to the name of the Shebamiles account through the passenger’s profile.
  2. For a meaningful name change find and upload the supporting documents.
  3. For more details on Ethiopian Airlines name change policy you can contact the reservation centre at the given number+ 1-888-772-1600. The support team is available 24/7 and can be contacted according to a suitable time interval.
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