Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Pet Travel Policy

Delta is now working to improve pet travel to help passengers fly with their furry friends. Delta airlines will help the passengers monitor their pets by giving real-time care and extra cabins depending on their size for a little fee. Now you can take your four-legged anywhere because Delta Airlines has customized travel policies so that your pet can feel comfortable on board.

What is Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

However before traveling with your pets you need to do your homework, you need to be aware of Delta Airlines' pet policy so that you can have a comfortable trip. Delta allows its passengers to travel with small dogs, households cats, and birds for select destinations. Pets must be able to fit in the airline's pet carrier and should be at least ten weeks olds and sixteen weeks old for traveling in the United States and fifteen for traveling in Europe.

Transport Rules

  • Delta no longer accepts choke dog collars, radio-labelled bands, chains, and muzzles on board.
  • Before getting on board make sure to check the weather because temperature limitation applies.
  • Don’t over feed your pets before checking in.
  • Passengers are fully responsible to place their pets into a pet carrier under the seat or in the cabin depending on the size of the pet.
  • Don’t forget to carry all the necessary documents (health certificate, certificate of Acclimation).

Pet Travel Solutions: Delta

Delta allows you to travel with your pet depending on the size and it does not authorize you to fly on board with your pet as a piece of checked baggage. All pets are taken care of with utmost safety and the highest quality of service. Pets must fit in the cabin carrier or under the seat. Passengers should carry a carrier that must be ventilated on all three sides and leak proof to avoid litter. All pets must stay inside the carrier while on board. Delta provides a temperature controlled carrier that has been designed to give your pets the utmost safety and protection from unwanted situations. If you are travelling with pets Delta care pods are included when you book your flight tickets.

Pet Age Requirement

  1. If the travel is within the US your pet should be at least 10 weeks old to travel in the cabin.
  2. And if your travel is international then your pet should be at least sixteen weeks old.
  3. If you are travelling to the European Union then your pet should be at least 15 weeks old.
  4. Passengers are allowed to travel with more than one pet of the same breed in the same kennel between the age of ten weeks to six months as long as they are comfortable travelling inside one kennel.

Pet’s Exception

  1. You can’t bring your pets to specific destinations like Hawaii, US Virgin Island, Ireland, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
  2. Also you can’t travel with pets in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong.
  3. Pets with high risk rabies are also banned from entering the US.
  4. Make sure to visit Delta Airlines Official Site to get a full review of travelling with pets in Delta Flights.

Delta will also not transport pets with the following breed- American Pit bull, Brussels griffin, Pekinese, Boxer, snub nosed dogs, Dutch pug, Staffordshire terrier, Japanese Spaniel, etc.

Temperature Guidelines

Delta will allow to travel with pets only if they meet the temperature requirements of the airlines. However the temperature restriction does not apply to birds, fish, animals for research purposes, and other cold blooded animals. The permissible temperature must be within a minimum of 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) –and a maximum of 80 Degree F (27 Degree C).

Owners are advised to submit the CoA (Certification of Acclimation)


If you are travelling within the US a health certificate for cabin pets may not be necessary. A health certificate is a must carry on document if your pets are shipped as cargo and the certificated needs to be acknowledged by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days from the date of travel. You must carry all the original documents and other important travel documents a pet passport, a Health certificate, proof of rabies vaccination. Note that all the documents should be presented in English.

To get a complete review about the documents you can connect with customer support today by dialling the toll free number.

Pet as Carry-on in Cabin

  • Delta welcomes travellers with an approved pet carrier for small pets in the cabin. The pet should fit in beneath the seat of the traveller.
  • The pet carrier should be leak proof and ventilated on both sides and four for international travel.
  • A pet carrier will count as one carry on and the maximum carrier depends on the nature of the flight.
  • You can add one additional carry on along with the pet carrier.

Pet as Check in Cargo

Travellers are restricted to bring in pets for domestic pet travel with Delta Cargo four days from departure. For pets as check in cargo an additional cost may apply. Travellers have to drop their pets in a Delta cargo three hours prior to their flight departure. You can collect your pets from the same spot-Delta Cargo. Large animals and live animals may be transported to Delta Cargo as an air cargo.

Carrier Size and Dimensions

Cabins For Pets

If your pet is travelling in the main cabin they need to meet the following requirements:

Delta recommends a carry on kennel with maximum dimensions of 11x11 inches. The pet kennel should be soft sided as well as escape proof.

Kennels should be able to support the pet well, it should be solid and well ventilated and they should be able to lie and move comfortably.

For pets travelling in Delta cargo they must meet the following dimensions:

  • 27” x 20” x 19” (68 cm x 50 cm x48cm)
  • 32” x 22” x 23” (8 1cm x 55 cm x58cm)
  • 36” x 24” x 26” (91 cm x 61cm x66cm)
  • 40” x 27” x 30” (101cm x 68 cm x76cm)
  • 48” x 32” x 35” (122cm x 81 cm x89cm)

Pets in Cargo

For pets travelling in the cargo, the kennel size should be good enough to make the pets lie, sit and move comfortably. You can select from the following dimensions:

  • 27” x 20” x 19” (68 cm x 50 cm x48cm)
  • 32” x 22” x 23” (8 1cm x 55 cm x58cm)
  • 36” x 24” x 26” (91 cm x 61cm x66cm)
  • 40” x 27” x 30” (101cm x 68 cm x76cm)
  • 48” x 32” x 35” (122cm x 81 cm x89cm)

Does Delta Have a Weight Limits For Pets? Delta Airlines Pet Policy

If you are travelling with a pet that is between 8 weeks to 6 months as long as they weigh not less than 9kgs you can carry them in the same kennel. If the pet is more than 6 months old you need a single kennel per pet.

Does Delta Rent Pet Carriers?

Yes, Delta offers specialized Care pods to transporting pets. Pets can travel on board only on approved pet carrier, pets are not allowed to travel on seats with flat bed seats, on Delta Select, Business class and Delta one.


Yes you need to issue a health certificate for pets that needs to be shipped with Delta Cargo within 10 days of your departure. Your certificate needs to be acknowledged by a practicing and licensed veterinarian. You may not require a health certificate if you are travelling within the US only.

You need to issue the following documents within ten days of flight departure:

  1. A health care certificate (in English)
  2. Proof of rabies vaccination
  3. Documents requires to the destination you are travelling
  4. Pet passport

If you need a complete review on what documents you need to carry, you can contact the customer support or check out Delta websites directly.

A health certificate becomes mandatory only when you are travelling with your pet in the cabin class only. It is not mandatory to show a health certificate if you are travelling within the US. Just make sure to carry the documents because different countries have different restrictions. So just to stay on the safer side you can consult and speak with the customer executives.

Yes, passengers should carry a pet carrier during check-in with Delta. At the time of check in the airport authority will inspect if your pet can travel safely and comfortably. Make sure you have done a thorough check of your pet so that you can avoid any mishaps at the airport. Contact Delta customer service for a complete review before booking your flight tickets.

No, you cannot place the pet on your lap while on board; you need a pet carrier while flying with Delta Airlines.  Just pick up the phone and dial toll free number to connect with the customer executive today. They are present 24/7 to answer your calls and help you solve your travel queries.

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