Privacy Policy

We suggest every visitor or user of our website to read the privacy policy carefully before browsing any information for using our services. Here, we describe the details about our privacy policy that is used to make improvements in the services for all the users. You will get the information about the reasons of collected personal information of the users and our approach to keep it secure from any kind of security threats.

Information we collect:

We collect several kinds of information from our users that is used to make the improvements in the services that we provide. We also use the information to the personalized experience of our website for every user.

Personal information of the users:

We provide the basic access of our website without any kind of registration process for all the visitors of the website. However, we may ask for your personal information that will be used for your identification to improve the service quality for the visitors. You may need to follow the registration process to access some of the pages of our website. The registration process is here to provide the advantages of our advanced features to the users. We may collect the information like your first name, last name, username, mail address, contact number or address. All this information is collected so that the visitors and users of our services can contact us for any kind of help.

We may also use your personal information to provide the services as per your personal interest and preferences. If any of the users don’t want to share personal information with us, may not access some of the features of our website. You may not be able to contact us without sharing your personal information or contact details. After the registration process, you may choose to keep some of the information privates only on your profile.

However, some of the information like your reviews, questions, rating or bookmarks may be visible to the public. It will be the responsibility of users of our website to provide accurate personal information. You have to inform us with notice if you want to make changes in your information.

Automatic information tracking tools:

Like most of the other websites, we may collect some of the information through the automated tools and cookies about the users. We collect technical information about your device or Browser when you browse our website. We may also collect usage information including the pages you browse, your searches and the interactive features on the website. On the basis of all such information, we may target the users for advertising or communications. With cookies and device identifiers, we may collect information about the different Browsers and devices to keep the information personalized for the users.

We may also use this information to prevent the duplicate coupon redemptions, actions or keeping you updated with our services. The users may deny using the cookies that we used to personalize the services for every user. However, we collect the information with automatic tracking tools about your activities on our website.

Use of the collected information:

We use the collected information of the users in different ways to give you a personalized and better experience of our services. Here is how we use the collected information of the users:

  • Advertising and marketing of the products and services
  • To conduct the analysis or research
  • For the communication for a survey for promotions
  • For the identification of users to provide the services on our website
  • To make our services better for every user
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